Casino Gambling Likely to Land on Ballot in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska will likely get to vote on whether or not to allow for casino gambling within their borders this fall, after supporters raised more than a million dollars to put the measure on the ballot.

The movement was pushed by the lobbying group Keep the Money in Nebraska, and the group raised more than $1.1 million to help get the measure on the roster. There is likely to be a large debate among proponents and opponents, with church groups fighting the measure in their sermons and among their congregation.

Commenting on the measure KMN Spokesman Scott Lautenbaugh said, "We're supremely confident we'll gather a sufficient number of signatures, but we're going to keep running as if we're behind. (The response to the petition) "has been more positive than we ever dared to hope. People understand our message and they're tired of the status quo."

To date no information on the amount of signatures collected has been given, but the group needs to submit at least 113,900 signatures to get the measure on the ballot. Opponents of the measure believe that there will be enough petition signatures, and are beginning to shift their focus to the general election, which will draw in a large number of voters seeing as how the presidency is up for grabs between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Casino Listings will update this story as more developments arise.

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8 June 2016 - 11:26pm

Yes it's probably the most democratic way to be decided if there's will be or not gambling within the state borders. I suspect the population will approve the idea for casinos but let's wait and see if would happen that way.