Switzerland Casinos Want to Add Lottery, Sportsbetting Services

Casinos located within Switzerland have stated that they wish to add sportsbetting and lottery products to their libraries in an effort to stem the tide of dropping casino revenues, which have been on the decline for nearly a decade.

The Swiss Federation of Casinos released its latest financial report this week, noting that the country's casino industries fell 4.1% to CHF 681 million, with only eight of the twenty-one casinos in the country reporting increases in revenues. Because of this continued decline in revenues, casinos are requesting that sportsbetting and lottery products be allowed inside their casinos, which they hope would provide a much-needed boost to their bottom lines.

The SFC report claims that the country's casinos are losing revenues to illegal gambling rings, competition from other countries, and online casino sites.

Online betting is forbidden in Switzerland at this time, although last year lawmakers drafted a bill that would allow casinos to release cyber versions of their table and slots online, although the games won't go live until 2019. In the meantime, it seems that sportsbetting and lottery games may be the best bet for returning some of the money back into the casino's pockets.

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21 March 2016 - 11:13pm

For sure if they add Sportsbetting and Lottery services it would help a lot to a land based casinos in Switzerland to increase their revenues but I'm afraid the decline in revenues it's tendency not only there but in most part of the world I think. Anyway hopefully they authorities will allow that because I think this is the future of the lb casinos.