NFL Clears Gronkowski of Gaming Violations

This week the National Football League cleared New England Patriots All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski of any wrongdoing related to the league's gambling policy following a cruise he hosted from Miami to the Bahamas.

Gronkowski hosted a party cruise aboard a Norwegian ship that went from Miami to the Bahamas last month, where the star player partied with fans and took in the high-life. The cruise ended up offending Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who ratting out Gronkowski after a fantasy football event he was set to host last year was rejected because the event was being held in a conference hall that is owned by a casino. Romo's beef came because the Norwegian ship has a casino on board.

Romo is disgruntled following the cancellation of his event and is suing the NFL for more than $1 million in damages and has cited the Gronkowski cruise as an argument on his behalf. In a legal brief Romo's lawyers pointed out the hypocrisy, noting: "The four-day party took place on Norwegian Cruise Line, where Gronkowski's fans and attendees can take full advantage of Norweigan's famed 'Casinos at Sea.' Photos from the booze-cruise show fans gambling at the on-board casino. The NFL specifically knew about the party cruise and its ties to gambling for more than seven months leading up to the event; yet the NFL took no action to either discipline Rob Gronkowski or prevent the event from taking place."

The league did investigate the matter and noted that no violations occurred, which was reported by Patriots writer Ben Volin, who Tweeted:

In court this week Romo was dealt another slap by a Judge, who ruled in the NFL's favor in nearly all of his complaints, denying his requests for damages.

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2 March 2016 - 7:46pm

NFL has very strict rules about gambling and maybe even too strict. I think Gronkowski has go on that trip to have some fun and obviously he had a lot but I don't think he have to be penalized even if he had placed some bets after few drinks. Anyway there's no profs of that and I'm happy for him because he's one of the game's greatest. About Romo's matter, I think he's somewhat right but still I don't think he needs that $1 million at first place.