Las Vegas to Possibly Get eSports Arena

eSports are on the rise throughout the world, and Chinese firm Ourgame International Holdings is preparing to up the ante by building an arena dedicated to the activity in Las Vegas.

Ourgame is reportedly in talks with other companies to develop the stadium in Vegas, which would possibly be located within an existing casino property. While the arena wouldn't be huge, it would accommodate 200 seats as well as hundreds of computers, and a broadcast studio. Ourgame currently has a similar setup in the Chinese capital of Beijing.

A few casinos have reportedly already expressed interest in the idea, and Ourgame has plans to build similar arenas throughout the world. It is thought that eSports will be worth more than $23 billion by 2020. Millions of people throughout the world watch tournaments such as DOTA, League of Legends, and Counterstrike.

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