Ladbrokes Cuts Cheltenham World Hurdle Sponsorship

UK betting firm Ladbrokes has announced that they have pulled their sponsorship of the World Hurdle at the Cheltenham Festival, an annual horse race held in the United Kingdom.

Ladbrokes had been the title sponsor of the event since 2005, and also relinquished its status as an Authorized Betting Partner of the British Horseracing Authority. That relinquishment means that Ladbrokes cannot get any other BHA sponsorships until they get that membership back.

The new sponsor of the event will be airline Ryanair, whose CEO Michael O'Leary said, "We are very happy to step in to add the World Hurdle to our day's sponsorship, alongside the Ryanair Chase, and remain wholly supportive of the Jockey Club's stance with regard to Authorized Betting Partners which has led to this race becoming available for sponsorship this year."

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23 February 2016 - 12:35am

Maybe Ladbrokes have their reasons to interrupt that so long partnership with the World Hurdle but at least for me it's a bit strange. The good news for the organizers is that there is a new sponsor so that not going to be any issues for them from that point of view.

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23 February 2016 - 12:42pm

I think they achieved their goal, that's quite an age! I don't follow horse-racing but it reaches a point when sponsoring a sporting event just doesn't give more exposure any more and technically they can get some free publicity in both the "surprise" and people getting used to saying their name every time the topic about official sponsors comes up, even though they no longer sponsor the event.

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