TAB Facing Complaints After it Disclosed Excluded Gambler List

This story was published more than 8 years ago.

Australia and New Zealand based gaming monopoly Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) is at the center of a dispute that originated in New Zealand after the company discarded a list of problem gamblers on the self-exclusion list.

The leak was revealed by the news outlet Stuff, which revealed that 33 pages of the exclusion list were put into the trash near the Aleways Inn in Frankton, where a passerby picked them up. The papers were marked as being "private and confidential", and featured names and photos of those on the self-exclusion list in New Zealand between 2011 and 2014. The list also had instructions to staff noting that they should destroy lists to protect the named customers.

The lists were tossed out by Duty Manager Wynell Harris, who said, "I was going through the lists and because ... they were out of date, I just folded them up, put them in the bin. The thing is, after I'd done it, the next day I thought, oh my god, I shouldn't have done that, because they are confidential. I've done wrong."

"I have broken confidentiality which I should not have and I should not have disposed of the forms in that manner and I will endeavor and promise not to do that again and file the forms in the appropriate way. I'm sorry."

TAB currently has 640 retail locations with 250,000 customers with only about 505 excluded from gaming.

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