Sweden May ISP Block Unlicensed Sites

Sweden may move to ISP block unlicensed online casinos that are operating within their borders, this according to service provider Bahnhof who said that their company has been contacted by government investigators on the matter.

Bahnhof CEO Jon Karlung said that his company has been contacted to look at new laws that could be used to block the websites. Karlung stressed that he is not taking a position for or against online gambling, but rather is trying to determine the merits of the attempts to block the sites.

Those new ISP laws are being taken up by investigator Haken Hallstedt, who said,"We want to strongly warn of action to close parts of the internet that authorities deem objectionable. Today there is no compelling state filtering of the internet in Sweden. To throttle the internet and freedom of communication is obviously the wrong way to go."

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