Poker Pro Kicked Out of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

This week it was revealed that professional poker player Antonio Esfandiari was kicked out of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure after it was discovered that he was urinating in a cup of some kind during gameplay.

Esfandiari was playing at the event, where he posted a $5,300 buy-in and was in the midst of a big showdown with Bill Perkins when the call of nature got the best of him. Opting not to ask for a break or folding the hand, Esfandiari ended up urinating in a cup, but was caught by staff at the Atlantis Casino Resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas.

The pro player had built up a stack of roughly $100,000 and was in good position to finish high in the tournament before he was caught, but was ultimately disqualified for the act and lost all his money.

Commenting on the matter Esfandiari said, "Looking back, I realise I didn't look at the bigger picture. I made a mistake. My actions were totally out of line and unacceptable. I got so caught up with the bet that it was funny, the extent I would go to. I wish I could go back and do things differently. My behaviour was a bit childish and I apologise. I am not proud of the way I behaved today. I got disqualified from the tournament. I think Bill Perkins got the best of me."

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