Immigrant Wins Huge El Gordo Jackpot

This past week a Senegalese immigrant to Spain won the top prize in the El Gordo lottery drawing, taking home €400,000.

The big winner is only being identified as Ngame, who won the drawing after he and his wife purchased the ticket. Ngame came to Spain via boat, and settled in after the boat he was traveling on from Africa began to sink in the Mediterranean.

Speaking to the La Voz de Almeria newspaper Ngame said, "I just can't believe this, I can tell you that on some days we do not have five euros between the two of us."

The El Gordo lottery is the second oldest lottery in the world, having been founded in 1812. This year the lottery paid out billions in prizes, and the top prizes came from Roquetas de Mar, a coastal town of 91,000.

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