UK Posts Revenue Numbers from Betting Industry

Last week the UK Gambling Commission released a set of figures that show how much Britons spend on internet gambling, the first set of numbers since the country implemented a point of consumption tax on all online operators offering action within the UK.

The numbers are representative of a period ranging from November 2014 to March 2015 for online and April 2014 to March 2015 for non-remote. The figures are as follows for Gross Gaming Yield within the UK:

  • Betting - GBP 472.7 million

  • Betting Exchange - GBP 55.66 million

  • Bingo - GBP 82.62 million

  • Casino - GBP 834.25 million

  • Pool Betting - GBP 6.26 million

  • Gross Gaming Revenue for online wagering was £1.45 billion.

The most popular sport for betting is football (£168.44 million) followed by dog racing, cricket, and financial spread betting.

Those interested in reading the full report can do so by clicking here.

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