Sportsbet Accused of Stealing Information from Punt Club

This story was published more than 8 years ago.

Australian sportsbetting firm Sportsbet is currently embroiled in a legal case in which it is accused of stealing the company's business model by having its management group join the site and using the company's services.

The case is currently sitting and waiting to be heard by the Supreme Court in Australia, wherein Punter Club claims that Sportsbet managers went and enrolled in accounts on the company's site after a takeover bid failed. Punt Club CEO Jason Neave says that the entire management team signed up for accounts on the site after he had rejected the deal, and that the group soon after launched its own Punters Club, which is very similar in design and function.

Sportsbet says that Neave's accusations are not true, and that they have not violated copyright or the terms and conditions of Punt Club.

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