Phil Ivey Gets Appeal in Crockfords Case

Professional poker player Phil Ivey has been granted an appeal by a British Court in a case that saw him lose a bid for £7.8 million that he won from the Crockfords Casino when he exploited an edge flaw in cards to game the casino for millions in high stakes Baccarat.

The dispute comes after Ivey won the large sum of money from the casino by noting an error in the production of the cards, which he then used to press the edge in the game. The casino held the money and Ivey sued to obtain it last year, and a previous court ruling went in favor of the casino.

This time things look a bit different, as a judge hearing the appeal case noted: "his case raises an important question of law and has a real prospect of success".

The case is due to be heard in British Appellate Court on December 10th.

Commenting on the news Ivey told The Daily Mail newspaper, "This is really great news. I am getting a second shot and I'm hoping we will win this time around. It is not in my nature to cheat, which is why I was so bitterly disappointed by the judge's decision a year ago, even though he said I was a truthful witness."

"When you're accused of cheating it's a very big deal in gambling. I'm not allowed in certain casinos because of what happened. But my colleagues have been tremendously supportive - they know what is cheating and what is not."

Ivey also has a case pending with the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, as the pro took the casino for $9.6 million by exploiting the card edge flaw from Gemaco cards.

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