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Paddy Power Censured by Irish ASA

This week online gaming firm Paddy Power was censured by the Irish Advertising Standards Authority for an ad that was deemed to be in poor taste, requiring the group to not show the ad again in its current form.

The offending ad was a billboard on the side of a semi truck and read: "IMMIGRANTS JUMP IN THE BACK! (BUT ONLY IF YOU'RE GOOD AT SPORT)" and featured a Paddy Power logo. There is currently an immigration crisis ongoing in the French city of Calais, where many Middle Eastern immigrants are seeking refuge in the UK.

Paddy Power issued a response to the ruling by the ASA , noting that it wanted to put out humorous and edgy spots, but did apologize for any offense that they created with the spot.

The ad is not the first that has gotten Paddy Power into hot water, as the group has frequently found itself in conflict with the UK ASA over online and billboard spots.

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