Holland Casino Research Shows Dutch Market Larger Than Expected

This week it was revealed that Holland Casino hired Motivaction to conduct a study, which revealed that the Dutch online gambling market may be much larger than originally estimated.

The study revealed that online gambling in the Netherlands could be worth €500 million, which is more than the €200 million that was previously given as a number. Motivaction found that 1.5 million people in the country currently gamble illegally on the internet. 700,000 people in the country gamble three times a year or less, while 800,000 gamble four times or more.

Commenting on the study Holland Casino's Michael Verheul said, "It all will take a very long time. There is also a social interest. You now have no protection for the online player and no visibility on issues such as addiction and money laundering through online gambling."

The Netherlands is gearing up to liberalize its gambling market, instituting a 20% tax on operators.

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