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DDoS Attacks a Growing Problem for Gambling Sites

Attacks on gambling operators by hackers using Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a growing concern, and the website Daze is claiming that 9 in 20 online betting companies have been attacked in this manner.

The publication claims that of those gambling sites that have been hit, 9 of 10 have been hit in the last year, 1 in 10 in the last week, and 3 of 4 are attacked more than once. The article goes on to claim that roughly half of the attacks placed on sites are done by competing online betting sites and that the attacks can cost casinos upwards of $40,000 per hour.

The article reveals the security lapses that many casinos have on their sites, writing: "If you're running a successful online gambling business, chances are you aren't doing it with a WordPress template and a hosting package from GoDaddy. Since gambling sites require major customization, that very often means they're operating unsecured proprietary, non-HTTPS custom protocols, leaving them vulnerable to DDoS attacks."

The article goes on to say that casinos need to protect financial information, site speed, and site uptime to remain profitable, and the article states that sites need to shield their infrastructure.

"With infrastructure protection, as soon as an attack is detected, your DDoS mitigation service will reroute all traffic to a network of scrubbing servers that will allow legitimate traffic through to the site without interruption, while bouncing attack traffic before it reaches your server," the article writes.

"Not only does this protect your uptime, site speed, and data and information, but it also keeps you from paying for unwanted traffic or getting your traffic forwarded into an internet black hole by your internet service provider."