Slotland Progressive Jackpot Hit for $207,610

Yesterday evening a punter at Slotland set off the casino's site-wide progressive jackpot for an impressive $207,610 win, the 24th in the site's history.

Casino Listings is still awaiting details on the win, but we can confirm that the win did occur and is the second largest win ever for the jackpot prize.

The Slotland jackpot is paid out randomly to players at the casino and is available exclusively at the site. Virtually all of the casino's proprietary games. On average the jackpot pays out $148,910, and the largest win on record is $266,96, which was won by a punter named Sinclair in 2013.

UPDATE: The big winner is Charles M., and he had this to say about his big win: "I love cars so that will definitely be one or two of my first purchases! My teenage son will love that too because I'll hand down my old car to him!"

"Once I won about 3000 bucks. That was nice but this is so much better! I was totally dumbfounded when I realized what I'd won. The next morning I woke up so excited I stopped at a car dealer on my way to work thinking what new car to buy."

As to what he is going to do with his big winnings Charles said, "We're looking forward to a family vacation. I have always wanted to see the Great Wall of China. Right now we're all voting for different places so we'll take our time deciding."

Casino Manager Michael Hilary also commented on the win, noting: "We're so excited to have had a big jackpot win during our 17th birthday celebrations. And with a new game coming out before the end of the month, this will certainly be a birthday party to be remembered!"

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