Party Poker to Go More Recreational

Internet poker operator PartyPoker has announced that they are making moves to move their poker software toward more recreational players, completing the first phase of its "Poker for the People" plan.

The move was made via a software update this week that restricts analysis software from allowing pro players from manipulating seat and table position. Players who want to play will now go into a waiting list and then will be randomly seated once a table is found that matches their specifications.

Moving forward PartyPoker announced that it plans to limit the availability of hand histories, making it necessary for punters to use the PartyPoker software to view those histories, again negating the third party software that pro players rely on.

Commenting on the move toward the mainstream PartyPoker Ambassador Mike Sexton said, "As a professional poker player, I understand players who seek out games with weaker players, but they must realise that those being 'stalked' will most likely quit playing if the same user names continually show up at their table when they opt to play. Losing these players is not good for the everyday player or the site. Personally, I think it's great that recreational players are being protected from those using third-party software."

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