Norway's Medietilsynet Will Address Illegal Gambling Advertising

This week it was revealed that Norway's media regulator Medietilsynet is planning to tackle the topic of illegal gambling advertising within its borders after it has identified "massive increase in illegal gambling advertising directed at Norway".

The move comes after it was revealed that more than NOK 609 million was spent on illegal gambling advertising in Norway this year, which is 44% higher than the previous year. Most of the ads are being purchased by groups based in the UK, Netherlands, and Spain. Licensed operators only spent NOK 9 million in contrast.

UK channels broadcasting the offending ads are TV3, TV6, Viasat 4, FEM MAX, VOX, Discovery and TLC Norway, while the Netherlands channel is MTV Norway and Spain's National Geographic Channel Scandinavia and FOX Norway.

The regulating body will now consult with the media groups to see how they can stop the spending of the ads.

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