More Full Tilt Restitution Payments on the Way

This week Poker Players Alliance Executive Director John Pappas said that the US Department of Justice had okayed the latest batch of player reimbursement payments from Full Tilt, noting that an additional $5.7 million will be paid to players.

John Pappas revealed that nearly 2,000 players will be paid the $5.7 million owed to it by the poker giant, which was acquired by Pokerstars as part of a settlement between the group and the Department of Justice related to the Black Friday indictments.

Posting a note on the matter Pappas said, "This next wave includes roughly 2,000 petitioners totalling $5.7 million in funds. These are petitioners with disputed funds, those with missing info and those who they consider "new petitioners" (e.g. did not file with valid log-in credentials)."

The payments are being processed by the claims administrator Garden City Group, who will then pay the players affected. Thus far roughly 47,000 American players have been paid roughly $109 million from the fund in six rounds of payments.

Those who are affected in the claims process can view information related to the payments at

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