Illinois Lottery Restrictions Enter Fourth Month

The state of Illinois is seeing its lottery payout restrictions enter its fourth month as lawmakers have been unable to pass a budget, causing the state to cap payouts to $600 or less.

Players can still buy lottery tickets in Illinois, but players who win big cannot redeem their winning tickets for money at this time. The state is planning on missing a $560 million pension payment for lottery payments in November due to the lack of a budget, but that money should be available once lawmakers reach an agreement.

In a statement the Illinois Lottery commented on the matter, noting: "Payment delays will occur because there currently is no legal authority for the Illinois Comptroller or the Illinois Lottery to issue checks. Please note that the funding to pay winners exists, but the legal authority to issue checks does not."

The state's budget crisis began on July 1st, and originally the Land of Lincoln had only limited winnings to those who had won $25,000 or more.

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