EveryMatrix Working on DDoS Protections

Betting platform company EveryMatrix has announced that they are going to begin offering Prolexic DDoS protection to its customers to help prevent attacks that have become surprisingly common among online operators in recent months.

The service will absorb a great portion of the traffic flood sent to a user's site when a DDoS attack begins, preventing the server from becoming overloaded and shutting down. In recent months many online betting sites have been victimized by this style of attack, as the culprits demand a ransom paid in Bitcoin and then follow up a lack of payment by flooding traffic to the sites.

Commenting on the addition of the services EveryMatrix CEO Ebbe Groes said, "Adding Prolexic as part of our day to day service offering gives reassurance to our operators and partners that they are now fully protected from harmful DDOS attacks."

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