CSIG to Hold Press Conference over RAWA

Today the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling is holding a press conference to discuss the Restoration of America's Wire Act Bill, with Utah Representative Jason Chafftez set to attend.

A poorly worded press release filled with spelling errors was released by the CSIG announcing the conference. It noted that the RAWA bill is about the "...importance of protecting the right of families to keep online casinos out of their homes and off their children's mobile devices."

The Restoration of America's Wire Act bill would effectively outlaw internet gambling in the United States, as it would change the definition of the Wire Act of 1961 to cover internet betting. The Justice Department currently views the bill as only expressly prohibiting sports betting, and anti-online gambling individuals such as Las Vegas Sands owner Sheldon Adelson have donated a lot of money to try to get the ruling reversed.

"Since it's (sic) implantation (sic) in 1961, various Administrations have held that the federal Wire Act bars Internet gambling," the press release states.

"That position has enjoyed bipartisan support from the public, their representatives and from the attorneys general of most states. But without any notice, consultation with Congress, or public input, the Justice Department on December 23, 2011 [actually it was September of that year], issued a legal opinion reversing that interpretation. The reversal unleashes the potential for an unregulated gambling industry to be imposed nationwide."

The RAWA bill appears to have lost quite a bit of its steam, as support for the bill is waning and there is not much interest in progressing the bill out of committee. Undoubtedly the CSIG and Republican politicians who receive donations from Mr. Adelson are trying for one last ditch effort to push the bill through.

A litany of conservative political action groups are set to take part in the press conference and include:

  • Concerned Women for America
  • Let Freedom Ring
  • Focus on the Family
  • Frontiers of Freedom
  • Network of Politically Active Christians
  • Latino Coalition
  • Advance USA
  • Liberty Counsel Action

Casino Listings will update this story as more developments arise.

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