UK Gambling Commission May Up Licensing Fees

The UK Gambling Commission has asked the government to approve a higher fee structure for the licensing of gaming operators in the country, as the regulator has a higher workload in enforcing the point of consumption tax implemented last year.

In the past the government had indicated that they would review the regulator's fee structure once the point of consumption tax had been fully integrated, and it appears that the UK Gambling Commission is ready to pounce in an attempt to drive in more funds. The issue is going to be discussed at an open meeting later this month, and the regulator is accepting suggestions on the matter until October 27th.

In a statement regarding the matter the Commission said, "We hope that, by providing greater transparency about the way in which the Commission and indeed previous governments set about determining the fees needed for full cost recovery, stakeholders will be able to feed in any suggestions or proposals for improvements at this formative stage."

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