Poker Playing AI Beat by Journalist

Earlier this week a writer for the online news site Huffington Post wrote a story in which he claimed he beat the University of Alberta's poker playing AI bot over the course of 700 hands.

Oliver Leung wrote the piece, where he noted that he took home the victory after roughly 700 hands of Limit Texas Hold'em. The AI is dubbed Cepheus, and its designers had at one point claimed the software was unbeatable. Unfortunately for them, two professional poker players beat the software earlier this year in a head to head matchup.

Leung claims that Cepheus used a strategy that was too bold given the circumstances, allowing the poker amateur to seize the match. The University of Alberta is still refining its AI, and is now inviting groups of four players to come try to beat the machine as they move forward.

At this rate, it seems like it may be a while before SkyNet becomes active and dooms the human race with Judgement Day, at least if the fate of the world comes down to a few hands of Texas Hold'em.

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