Did North Korea Provide Online Gambling Platform?

South Korea's spy community is claiming that they have revealed that North Korea is offering a program that allows users to operate poker games.

It was reported that the program was found operating with an IP address that originates from North Korea's General Intelligence Bureau, and is titled "Poker Game Server". The hacking was done by South Korean users, who monitor its neighbor's various cyber attacks on banks and media outlets in the region.

Donga.com reported on the issue, stating that the North either is operating gambling sites itself or selling the platform to organized crime rings, who then offer games to South Korea citizens.

"The program is designed to allow the user to operate various online gambling sites using credit cards, including Seven Poker, and Badugi. It enables the user to operate a server in the Korean language and instantly check the data of all people logged in, the amount of jackpots at stake, and total income, among other information," Donga wrote.

"Under any scenarios, chances are high that the North's general intelligence bureau would have earned large amounts of money in South Korea by operating gambling sites by itself or selling the program to multiple South Korean organized crime rings."

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