Canadian Man Wins $233,852 Full Tilt Jackpot

Last week a hockey coach from Ontario won half of a large $233,852 jackpot while playing at Full Tilt, taking home the top prize of the jackpot called "The Deal".

The big winner is a part-time hockey coach and owner of a restaurant, and he won the large prize on his smartphone while watching the Toronto Blue Jays. "I was just watching baseball, the Blue Jays against the Atlanta Braves, and had my phone going. At first I thought I won $116, and thought it was kind of cool, then I realised it was the jackpot and got an email from Full Tilt," said the winner.

"I called my Dad and some friends and told them I think I just won a jackpot on Full Tilt. I was like holy smokes! Anything competitive, I like. Whether it is horseshoes or hockey or playing cards with friends, I get a kick out of competition."

The Deal Jackpot is won when a player is dealt a royal flush and ends up hitting the jackpot symbol on a wheel of fortune. The player dealt the flush wins half of the jackpot pool and all other players who played the game split the other half. In this case 7,321 players won $15.97 each.

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