Betclic Taken off of Belgian Blacklist

Internet betting firm Betclic has announced that it has been successfully taken off a gaming blacklist by the Belgian Gaming Commission after spending three years banned from providing services to gamblers there.

Betclic got off the ban list by reportedly paying a large €80,000 in fines that the country had given to players residing within Belgium's borders. The BGC noted that Betclic has shown respect for the gambling regulator as well as the country's laws and noted that it will continue to pursue operators offering betting services illegally in its country. To comply with Belgian law, Betclic is now working with the Circus Group to launch a country specific website in Belgium later this year.

Back in 2012 the BGC announced that they had blacklisted Betclic and seized more than €600,000 that Betclic was sending to Belgian gamblers. The BGC has imposed a series of blacklists for gambling operators, issuing directives to ISPs and banks throughout the country to block access to business associated with offending firms.

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