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Adelson Continues to Fight Over Jurisdiction in Sands China Case

The legal team of Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson is continuing to fight over the proper jurisdiction for its lawsuit brought on by former Sands China CEO Steven Jacobs, who is suing the casino group for wrongful termination.

Adelson's team has hired attorney Alan Dershowitz to help argue that the case should be heard in Macau, rather than Nevada given that is the location where Jacobs was employed. Jacobs was working as the CEO of Sands China, where he claims he was fired for refusing to process payments tied to organized crime. Adelson claims that he was fired for incompetence.

The case has been ongoing for quite some time given the battle over where the case should be heard. Nevada Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez had previously ruled that the case could be heard in Nevada, given the fact that is the jurisdiction in which Las Vegas Sands makes its executive decisions. Adelson's legal team is appealing that ruling to the state's Supreme Court, which is scheduled to make a decision on the matter in the near future.

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