Wisconsin Upholds Poker Ban

This week a judge in Wisconsin issued a ruling that uphold's the state's ban on the game of poker.

The ruling was made by Judge Richard Niess, who cited the legal precedent in the 1964 case of State v. Morrissy (25 Wis. 2d 638) as the basis for his ruling, stating that statutory bans on the game were lawful and correct.

The ruling was part of the case Steve Verrett et al vs. J B Van Hollen (Wisconsin’s Attorney General), wherein a group of poker players sued to legalize the game in The Badger State. The Plaintiffs noted that poker is a game of skill, and that a law that allows the game on Native American land created inequality and should be overruled.

While the judge did agree that poker is a game of skill, he could not overturn the law based on the arguments of the Plaintiffs, which will likely lead to additional lawsuits by Verrett and others.

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