Veikkaus Revenues Published

Finnish betting monopoly Veikkaus has published their betting financial numbers, revealing that 40.3% of revenues now come through online betting.

Key corporate highlights for the fiscal year 2014 were:

  • Total sales of €1.95 billion, up 5.4% from last year

  • Profits up 2.8% to €520.4 million

  • Games margin overall (subtracting the prizes paid to players from the turnover.) up 3.3 percent;

  • Strong growth in digital sales at 40.3 percent of group sales - 59.7 percent of the sales came from the retail channel;

  • The Finnish gaming market increased by 0.4 percent in 2014, and the total market amounted to Euro 1,701 million in terms of the game margin. Veikkaus was the only Finnish gaming company whose game margin grew during the year under review, and the group's share of the Finnish gaming went up 1.3 percent to 50.7 percent;

  • Group advertising expenditure was up 6.5 percent to Euro 18.3 million;

  • The group boasted over 1.6 million registered customers by September last year - a third of the Finnish population;

  • Veikkaus spent a total of Euro 9.7 million (+24.5 percent) on research and product development during the year under review.

  • The group invested a total of Euro 3.8 million in responsible gaming during the year under review;

  • By the end of fiscal 2014-2015 the group had 332 employees, 88 percent salaried full-time employees and 12 percent part-time;

  • Personnel expenses were up 4.8 percent at Euro 27.9 million, with salaries accounting for Euro 22.1 million (+4.2 percent), and the remaining Euro 5.8 million (+7.0 percent) spent on pension expenses and indirect personnel costs.

  • Veikkaus' projected profit in the 2015 State Budget is Euro 541.1 million, of which Euro 515.6 million has been earmarked for return to the State. The company will also return Euro 25.5 million at the minimum in undistributed prize funds from previous years to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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