Nevada Revenues Dip for Second Month in a Row

For the second month in a row, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has reported that the state's gambling revenues have fallen, this time by 1% when compared to the same period last year.

For the month, the state's casinos brought in $922.8 million, a drop of 1% from the same period last year. The Vegas Strip had a 2.1% drop, bringing in $524.9 million, while Downtown Vegas did much better, as revenues were up 6.5% higher than the same time last year. Other Clark County casinos brought in higher numbers as well, as the county's gaming revenues were 6% higher than last year.

The biggest losers were The Boulder Strip and North Vegas, which saw drops in revenues of 11% and 9.4% respectively.

Slot revenues for the month were up 5.5% to $600 million, but baccarat struggled yet again, this time dropping 23% to $104 million for the month. Poker was slightly up, bringing in $11.5 million for the month.

The state's tax revenues were up 7.48% for the month, as The Silver State brought in $56.9 million for the month.

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