MGM Resorts CEO Supports Online Gambling Regulation

This week the CEO of MGM Resorts came out as supporting the regulation of online betting in the United States, noting that prohibition is not a process that works int he country.

Jim Murren, who is also the Chairman of the American Gaming Association made the comments to television station News3LV, in which he said, "People are gambling illegally online - Americans - right now. We don't know how old they are; we don't if they can afford to do it; we don't know where they are. We don't know if they are actually going to get paid if they win something. We don't know anything. And to think we can just ban this and that the problem goes away is ridiculous, it flies in the face of common sense. So what I think we should do is regulate it, bring it out in the open."

Murren aptly pointed out that prohibition does not work, and if the government tries to outlaw the activity punters will simply go underground.

"That's why I am an advocate of legalizing, regulating, taxing and holding companies accountable to outcomes, just as we are in the brick-and-mortar business. It's incredible to me that we have this discussion, it really is. It's more incredible to my 20-year-old, who is going to be 21 soon, or my 17-year-old that live on their smart devices, that wouldn't consider doing anything - they wouldn't book a room, they wouldn't check out anything - without checking their smart devices. We know where the world is going from a social media perspective, from a social gaming perspective."

As for whether he is intimidated by internet betting Murren said, "We also know that the experiences we create here in Las Vegas cannot be replicated on an iPhone, or on an iPad, or on a laptop, or on a home computer, and we shouldn't be intimidated by that."

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