Full Tilt Recreational Focus Shift Ongoing

Internet poker firm Full Tilt's shift toward more recreational players continued this week, as the group revealed new reward structures for its players.

The company put out a statement that revealed the company is boosting giveaways in free-roll tournaments, and the company will be giving weekly mystery prizes for regular players. Another revelation was the introduction of a new game called "The Deal", wherein players can win up to $100,000 in a progressive jackpot.

The statement by Full Tilt read: “In the first month after Players Club launches, we’ll bump these rewards even more to ensure all players get to enjoy the new benefits, with over $200,000 in added value."

"We’ve crafted the entire experience in such a way that if you’re an average player playing an average session, you’ll get a shot at that jackpot pretty much every single time you play," the statement claims.

“The changes introduced over the last month are based not only on our in-depth analysis of Full Tilt, our customers’ behaviour and the poker industry at large, but are part of our philosophy to keep poker fun, no matter where you’re playing or what stakes you’re wagering.”

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