Bet-At-Home Posts Positive First Half Financials

Internet betting firm AG has published their first half 2015 financial results, noting an increase in earnings.

Key financial indicators for the first half of 2015 were:

  • EBITDA increased to Euro 16.0 million, up Euro 7.2 million (HY1/2014: Euro 8.8 million).

  • EBIT was up by Euro 7.1 million to Euro 15.5 million (HY1/2014: Euro 8.5 million).

  • Group financial result increased to Euro 1.0 million (HY1/2014: Euro 0.8 million).

  • Earnings before taxes amounted to Euro 16.6 million, Euro 7.3 million up on last year ((HY1/2014: Euro 9.3 million).

  • Gross betting and gaming revenue was Euro 56.7 million, up 6.9 percent (HY1/2014: Euro 53.1 million).

  • Betting and gaming volume for AG was 8.8 percent up to Euro 1,172.3 million (HY1/2014: Euro 1,077.8 million).

  • Net gaming revenue was Euro 46.6 million (HY1/2014: EUR 46.7 million) despite “new massive tax burdens”.

  • 4.1 million registered customers (HY1/2014: 3.8 million).

  • Other operating expenses amounted to Euro 8.2 million (HY1/2014: Euro 6.4 million), attributed to expenses based on increased gaming volumes.

  • Group equity increased to Euro 74.4 million (31/12/2014: Euro 67.5 million), despite a dividend payment of Euro 4.2 million in Q2 of 2015.

  • Liquid funds and current securities amounting to Euro 37.2 million (31/12/2014: Euro 31.5 million).

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