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UK National Lottery Launches Cheeky New Ads

The UK National Lottery has launched a new set of television spots wherein they poke a bit of fun at A-list celebrities.

The ads were created by AMV BBDO and are part of a "Please Not Them" campaign and sees what big celebrities would do if they end up winning the lottery. The first spot features journalist Piers Morgan, whose plans include building a massive seaside carnival dubbed "Piers Pier".

The spot includes an audacious park where everything is designed after Morgan, including a rollercoaster that is shaped to be like his signature. The ad closes with Morgan saying, "One big win on Lotto and Piers’ Pier is open for business," while a voice then closes saying "Anyone can win with Lotto. Please, don’t let it be him."

The next spots will feature Katie "Jordan" Price, who has dreams of a 24/7 TV station.

Those interested in viewing the ad can do so below:

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