Full Tilt's Recreational Strategy Begins Being Implemented

Yesterday we reported on the plans of Full Tilt to change from a professional to a more recreational model. Today we can report that those changes have begun taking effect.

Full Tilt is removing heads up, nosebleed, and mixed games from their site, and is taking steps to remove the ability to select tables for pros. Furthermore, the software will allow tables to be merged when a certain stage is reached.

The company posted a video of the changes and can be viewed below:

Commenting on the changes Full Tilt Managing Director Dominic Mansour said, "Heads Up games were being adversely impacted by the minority of experienced players who targeted ‘weaker’ opponents rather than take on all challengers, and secondly, new players who tried out the Heads Up games found it intimidating and confusing (asking themselves “why are all these guys not playing each other?”). In short, Heads Up ring games just didn’t form part of a healthy poker ecosystem, which made our decision to remove them easier."

"We recognize that in the past, a proportion of players have used extensive table selection to their advantage and that those players might not like these changes. Their advantage over other players will now be negated and we don’t think that’s a bad thing."

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