Seals With Clubs Founder Pleads Guilty

The founder of the Bitcoin poker site Seals With Clubs plead guilty to a charge of running an illegal gambling operation in a Las Vegas Courtroom on Thursday.

Bryan Micon plead guilty to the charge after he returned to the United States after he fled to Antigua after a raid on his Las Vegas home by authorities later this year. Micon struck a deal to return to the States last week, and negotiated a plea deal that will see him convicted of a gross misdemeanor instead of a felony. Micon will avoid jail time in lieu of probation and will pay a fine of $25,000 and surrender Bitcoin and electronic equipment that he had in his possession as a result of the deal.

Micon's sentencing hearing will be held on July 6th, where the length of the probation period will be determined. Seals With Clubs was an online poker site that used the Bitcoin currency to conduct the transactions.

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