Royal Vegas Launches First Smart Watch Slot

Royal Vegas Casino has announced the release of its first ever smart watch compatible slot, as Microgaming's Thunderstruck can now played on your wrist.

The game is currently only available for play on Android Wear devices, and requires the device to be tethered to a smartphone or tablet. The watch effectively works as a second screen for the mobile device, and does not carry explicit support from Microgaming.

A Royal Vegas statement on the game's release read: "There are many variations of smartwatches but the Android Wear casino is designed for smartwatches using Android Wear, the official Android operating system for wearable devices created by Google. This release of the Android Wear casino is not supported on other smartwatch devices, such as those produced by Pebble and those running the Tizen operating system."

Thunderstruck can be played now on your smart watch at Royal Vegas Casino.

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