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Feds Still Mulling Phua Case

Federal prosecutors are struggling to determine if their illegal sportsbetting and conspiracy charges against professional poker player Paul Phua will stick, given previous judgements that throw out most of the evidence compiled against him.

Phua is accused of running illegal sportsbets during the 2014 World Cup, but much of the feds' case was built using an illegal tap that was placed when investigators began interfering with Phua's cable and then posed as repair techs to get their surveillance equipment placed.

Prosecutors are mulling over an appeal of the rulings that threw out the evidence to be used in the case. In the meantime, Phua wants to have the ability to go back to Malaysia to visit his mother, who is currently sick with cancer. Prosecutors have opposed this in the past, seeing him a potential flight risk. No ruling on the visitation has been made yet.

Last week Federal Judge Gordon set a deadline of Friday for the government to determine whether or not continue with charges, but feds missed that deadline and claim they will potentially need several more weeks to make a decision.

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