Dutch Supplier Offering Card Cheating Devices

Reports at the World Series of Poker of a player allegedly cheating to earn a high place at the tournament last week have spurred a look into a Dutch technology supplier that is selling devices to help cheat at poker.

The spot selling the devices is known as Gamble Romania and reportedly sells a variety of marked cards that are similar to those being deployed at the World Series of Poker. The cards are sold alongside contact lenses and earpieces that allow players to divulge the information on the cards.

A spokesman for the company claims it can modify any deck of cards, and that it is possible for players to use the devices on a variety of games.

Last week Moldova pro Valeriu Cocoa finished in fifth place during a WSOP tournament, but many players sensed that something was off in his performance. Tournament officials are reportedly looking into the incident, but have reported nothing conclusive to this point.

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