CSIG Backs RAWA Gambling Bill

In a move that should surprise nobody, Sheldon Adelson's lobbying group to ban online gambling the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling has publicly announced their support for the re-introduction of the Restoration of America's Wire Act bill this week.

The bill was re-introduced by Senators Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio, both of whom have received political donations from Adelson and his groups. The announcement by the group is similar to others put out by the group, which takes liberties with the truth and urges the public to contact their federal political representatives to help convince them to support the bill.

The Restoration of America's Wire Act is a bill that would reverse a 2011 Department of Justice decision that says the 1961 Wire Act law does not apply to internet gambling. If passed, the bill would effectively outlaw internet gambling in the United States, crippling the industries that have been built in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware.

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