Bitcoin Operator Suffers From Software Flaw

Internet gambling site Primedice suffered mightily at the hands of a punter last year due to the fact that the player found a software flaw that he exploited, taking the site for over a million dollars worth of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The exploit was announced by Primedice's owner in a post, wherein they are trying to track down the player, whose online handle at the site was Hufflepuff. The site claims that Hufflepuff was able to exploit the game's software to find a way to consistently win. Eventually he racked up over a million dollars in Bitcoin wins.

The operator thought something was awry, having suspended Hufflepuff's account while they investigated, but found nothing incriminating, so they re-opened the player's account. The flaw was eventually discovered when the casino updated their software. When the operator confronted the player, they attempted to negotiate a settlement, but Hufflepuff refused, opened a new account and discovered a new flaw to exploit, taking the casino for more money before he took off.

Those interested in reading the post can do so on the operator's site.

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