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UK Gambling Commission: Online Gambling Growing at 8.3% Annually

The UK Gambling Commission has reported that online gambling has grown on average 8.3% over the past five years, with the market rising 50% over that time.

Gambling participation rates in the UK were at 9.7% in 2008, growing to 15.4% of the population as of December 2014. Men seem to dominate the sportsbetting sector of online gambling, and overall participation grew from 11.7 to 18% over the five-year period.

Participation in online gambling is lower among the lower economic groups, and college graduates are 44.6% more likely to play online than non-grads. The 18-24 age group still dominates the online landscape, but the 35-54 age group is gaining ground, as older punters are transitioning to the digital market.