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Study: Online Gambling Industry Steadily Growing

German business intelligence company yStats has released a report dubbed Global Online Gambling and Betting Market 2015", which reveals that online gambling is growing as an industry throughout the world.

yStats revealed that they expect online gambling to grow at a rate of under 10% for the next four years, with the industry bringing in billions of Euros in revenue. Moving forward, the industry will see mobile betting becoming a huge sector of online betting. Acquisitions will also play a major role in the industry, as big companies absorb other large companies to create mega-companies.

Currently Europe is the largest online betting market in the world, with the majority of the countries on the continent offering regulated online betting. In Asia, online gaming remains illegal or unregulated, with more countries outlawing the activity within the past year.

In America, there are currently three states that allow online betting, but the government there is setting up to possibly ban online betting, which would potentially kill a multi-billion dollar industry. Meanwhile, Mexico and Brazil are setting up to introduce bills to regulate online gambling, but thus far there are no laws bringing regulation to the countries.

Those interested in reading the report can do so here.