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Seals With Clubs Owner Tried to Buy Lock Poker

Documents in court papers filed in Nevada this week have revealed that indicted Seals With Clubs owner Bryan Micon attempted to purchase poker site Lock Poker.

Agent Ricardo Lopez submitted a report that documents some of Micon's activities related to online gambling, and it appears that the Seals With Clubs owner contacted Lock Poker's CEO Jennifer Larson to attempt to purchase the troubled poker site.

The contact took place on Skype and read: "Hi Jennifer, I’m interested in buying the Lock Poker brand and all its software assets. You can give me a quick google and see that I started SealsWithClubs.eu in 2011 and amassed a considerable wealth with the increase in Bitcoin price. I plan to relaunch the brand and make all players whole. I consider Lock Poker like Chrysler of the early 90’s. It’s a strong brand that needs a turn-around."

Micon is facing charges of operating an online betting site without a gaming license in Nevada. His home was raided by state law enforcement in February, causing him to flee the country for Aruba where he is attempting to launch a new online poker site. Before Seals With Clubs was shuttered, it was reported that the operator was making between $10,000-$12,000 in profit monthly.

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