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MGM Resorts "Wholeheartedly Opposes" US Online Gambling Ban

The CEO of MGM Resorts came out this week to announce that his company "wholeheartedly opposes" the Restoration of America's Wire Act bill, which would ban online gambling in the United States.

Jim Murren made the comments in an interview, saying that while a ban wouldn't be catastrophic for his company, MGM Resorts still opposes a ban. The company currently has a stake in New Jersey's Borgata online gaming product, and also has an online poker license in Nevada that it has not used yet.

Commenting on the matter Murren said, "Of course the sky won’t fall on us if an online gambling ban passes. Anybody who thinks that hasn’t visited one of MGM’s destination resorts. That’s the point: The argument that online gaming somehow competes with land-based casinos is simply baseless. Online gaming and land-based casinos are completely different experiences."

"But even though our company will continue to thrive without online gaming doesn’t mean that we don’t wholeheartedly oppose a ban. We do. As I said in the interview, the Internet is here to stay. And until there is a licensed, US-based alternative, illegal overseas sites will continue to put consumers at risk."

"A federal ban won’t stop online gaming - it will only prevent licensed, legitimate operators from providing consumers with safe and secure games that include protections against underage gambling."

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