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Judge Puts Adelson in His Place

A US District Court Judge put Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson in his place last week during a court hearing, chiding the billionaire for arguing with her during the proceedings.

Adelson was in court for three days last week, as he is being sued by former Sands China CEO Steve Jacobs, who claims he was wrongly fired for stopping what he felt were illegal payments to Macau lawyer Leonel Alves, as he felt the payments could run afoul of US anti-bribery laws.

Adelson was reportedly combative, dismissive, and argumentative to lawyers who were questioning over the matter. At one point he even lashed out at Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez, telling her he didn't have to answer a question asked by the lawyers.

Gonzalez wasn't hearing any of it though, and told Adelson, “Sir, you don’t get to argue with me. You understand that?”

Adelson contends that the case shouldn't be heard in the United States, and should instead be contested in Macau. Jacobs' allegations have sparked accusations that Las Vegas Sands is tied in to organized crime and money laundering.

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