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Italy Blocks 5,200 Unregulated Sites

Italian betting regulator Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli has issued a report that states that the group has blocked more than 5,200 unregulated gambling sites in 2014.

Officials claim that they blocked 5,200 betting sites last year, and prosecuted 114 operators which led to €907,999 in fines being levied.

The report also claimed that Italy's betting market saw skill games generate €734 million, and "collections from card games organised in a different way from tournaments and games of chance with fixed odds," generated €11.5 billion in revenue. Virtual sports and sports betting exchanges were also lucrative, generating €1.1 billion and €205 million each.

The top vertical in the market was Amusement With Prizes, which had revenues of €25.3 billion, while video lottery terminals brought in €21.4 billion. Sportsbetting was worth €4.2 billion and lottery brought in €9.4 billion.

Total gambling numbers in the country were €84.4 billion last year, and the Italian government generated €7.7 billion in tax revenue.

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