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Dutch Politicians Debate Online Gambling Tax Rate

Politicians in the Netherlands this week are reportedly still debating the rate at which online gambling will be taxed as the date that the activity becomes legalized approaches.

The debate is being continued as it was reported that the country's regulator Kansspelautorieit reported that there is significant interest in the market by more than 200 casino operators, raising the potential amount of tax revenue that can be generated by the Western European country.

Reportedly the government is looking at a 20% tax rate for online gambling, which is 9% less than land casinos have to pay, which is causing some debate. There are some politicians who feel that there should be a uniform rate for both land and online casinos.

Industry insiders say that the Dutch government has a fine line to walk, as setting the rate too high will cause operators to back out of the market and operate without regulation, leading to less tax revenues for the government.

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