Bet-At-Home Releases First Quarter 2015 Financials

Internet betting firm Bet-At-Home has announced the release of their latest quarterly financial results, noting a strong first quarter performance.

Key financial indicators for the quarter ending March 31st, 2015 were:

  • Earnings before taxes up 19.1 percent to Euro 9.8 million

  • An increase in gross betting and gaming revenue of 13.1 percent to Euro 28.4 million

  • EBITDA increased to Euro 9.6 million (Q1/2014: Euro 8.0 million).

  • EBIT amounted to Euro 9.3 million (Q1/2014: Euro 7.8 million).

  • Gross betting and gaming revenue was Euro 28.4 million, up 13.1 percent (Q1/2014: Euro 25.2 million).

  • Betting and gaming volume totalled Euro 587.5 million (Q1/2014: Euro 495.2 million), up 18.6 percent.

  • Net gaming revenue amounted to Euro 23.4 million (Q1/2014: Euro 21.9 million).

  • Gross Gaming revenue increased 13 percent despite a significant cut in marketing expenses.

  • 4.1 million registered customers (Q1/2014: 3.7 million).

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